One of the two ancient Dragons, he was an expert in the Arcane arts.


Back Story

Auxillium is said to have existed since the dawn of time. He along with Siboryes were the first and only to decipher the ancient language of creation. They used this knowledge to master the arcane arts, and together they were able to uncover and translate the Marked Prophecy. Auxillium would eventually gather a following and become the leader of most, if not all, of Dragonkind. After seeing what power he held Siboryes courted Auxillium, however He had already taken Amāre as a mate. It was after this that the the war was initiated Siboryes and her followers tried everything in their power to destroy Auxillium and his kingdom. After Auxilliums mate, Amāre, and much of the world had been destroyed Auxillium did the only thing he could; he sacrificed himself to the land ending the dragonkinds reign of the world and though this created a new race – the Ha’ Maln.

His Legacy in the current world.

Auxillum’s sacrifice was so powerful that Dragonkind started to worship him as a god recording his name for the name of the world. He gathered a following and now a major religion is founded after him, worshiping him as a deity in his form today. He is said to have been the bringer of humanity as it is today.


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